Welcome to Graduation


Students are required to complete an 'Application to Graduate to' fulfill our requirement for all students to have a 'plan' for high school completion and for post graduation.

After completing the requirements of the 'Application to Graduate' our Careers Team will review your infomation and provide support where needed (resumes, post-secondary applications, scholaships etc.)


What will I need to complete the application?

  • Computer/Mobile device with internet access
  • A personal e-mail, other than your cesd account
  • A My Pass account
  • An Apply Alberta account



1.  Click on application logo

2.  Enter the password "spruceview"

3.  Attach appropiate documents . . .

         A.  Login to MyPass and download to your Google Drive the pdf version of your 'Credentials' and your 'Detailed Academic Report'

         B.  Attach these documents to the Application to Graduate where it says "Add File"

         C.  Update your current resume and attach this document to the 'Application to Graduate' where it says "Add File"


You may update your responses at any time by . . .

        1.  Follow steps #1 and #2 above

        2.  Click "Edit Reponses" and make any necessary changes


If you need assistance with filling out your

Application to Graduate

please see Mrs. Schweer