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Joe Amundrud

Teachers - Middle School

Phone: 403-896-9049

Key Roles

   I am blessed to be a teacher. Teachers get to witness the greatest moments; the moments when children do something for the very first time and exclaim, "Look at me! Look at me!" As a parent of three young children, I know that every parent wants to see his/her child in those discovery moments. I get to see them for each child in my classroom.

      Every child will learn. Every child will experience success, though most often not on the first try. I have failed more often than I have succeeded in life. It stings. It hurts to try and try but not find success -- but I've learned to that failure is not defeat, and self-esteem is earned through tenacity. When your son or your daughter tries, I'll do my best to be there. I won't catch them when they fall, but I'll brush them off and point them back to the task until he/she shouts, "Look at me! Look at me!"

     While I sound like a gym teacher, you can be thankful that I'm not. I'll be guiding your children through English 7 & 8, Social Studies 7 & 8 and a few other courses. 

      My wife, Kristine, and I live on an acreage near Spruce View with our three children: Britta (7), Elsa (4), and Soren (2). You may have met my kids at the library; they are hard to miss. They have really blonde hair!

       I love to talk about education, politics, literature, photography, and travel. Kristine and I are making a concerted effort to 'un-wire' and spend less time in front of a screen. Adieu Netflix, hello family-time. I'd love to hear some book suggestions as my reading picks up. 

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