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Bonnie Schweer


Phone: 403-318-4268

Key Roles

I learned so much last year. I attended more Google Meetings and Zoom Meetings than I ever imagined. I had the privilege of taking a virtual tour of Olds College online; we all learned so much about technology and the different ways it can improve our daily lives. I will say however, the written word in book form is a constant in everyone's life. The turning of the page, whether it is in suspense of what is to come or the seeking of new knowledge, is a break from the ever changing technical advances we have today. I look forward to helping our students in many ways: from signing out a Chromebook, to finding a new exciting book for them to read. We have a fabulous non-fiction section that can also be used.

I also am looking forward to the many programs that will be available to our High School students through Dual-Credit, Green Certificate, SWAC, and RAP. Come see me in the Learning Commons if you have any questions about these programs. I am also available to the Grade 12's as they navigate their journey of exploring post-secondary options, and of course the needed financial support through scholarships.

Our Learning Commons is also partnered with CAC (Campus Alberta Central) for your adult learning needs. Come and see me if you have any questions on how to move forward to your next level of education and trades.  

Please come visit us today at the Library Learning Commons - A Great Place to Build Your Future!