PE 10/20/30 Aquafit

Farewell Fall - Hello Spring

Outdoor Ed

Making fire. Where are the hot dogs?


Our Cosmo girls are busy glamming up members of our community! Thank you Abbey, former SVS student, for letting Luna do your nails. And thank you, Michelle, SVS Custodian, for letting Sydney do your hair! They did a great job! 

Atmosphere Project

Does exposure to space affect germination rates? Grade 1 planted tomatoes- one packet contained 31 seeds that stayed on Earth. The other packet contained 31 seeds that spent time at the International Space Station. We are collecting data to submit to NASA. Once data is submitted, they will tell us which packet contained the seeds from space. 13 Grade 1 students predicted that Earth seeds will germinate more than those which made a trip to space. 7 thought the space seeds would germinate better than Earth seeds. 1 student thought that space would not affect germination and they would both grow the same. Time will tell! 

Hoppy Easter from Roger Rabbit and the Kindergarten class.

Grade 5 - painting the masters within the shape of an egg!

Pasta making in Senior Foods

Peter Rabbit movie nite hosted by SVS PAC Thursday night.

Outdoor Ed

Mrs. McInnis and her outdoor education class took full advantage of the warmer weather today and went X-Country skiing in the back. The students all seemed to enjoy themselves and did a great job!