Post Concert Dodge Ball Game

Thank you to the Sr. High students who cleaned up the gym after the Christmas Concert.  They did a great job and deserved a game of Dodge Ball for being such a great crew.  Thank you. 

Gr 1/2 Visit to the Post Office

Mailing letters to Santa

Christmas Acorn Craft

Colour Wars

The participation in this event was fabulous - therefore the whole school won a pizza party.  Way to go Vikings!!

Haunted House Contest

The Library/Learning Commons is running a Haunted House Contest.  All students are encouraged to make a submission.  Haunted Houses have to be made of cardboard, no wider than 12 inches or higher than 24 inches.  Thank you for all of the submissions.  They look great and are setting up the Library for a real spooky halloween.

Outdoor Ed - Fishing

The students had a great time.  Ask them about the fish that the boys caught.


Grade 2/3 Closer Look at Rocks

The Library/Learning Commons purchased some fun microscopes to help students get more engaged in their discoveries and learning at school.  

Military Display in the Learning Commons

We had on display in the library this week a Military Display from the Red Deer Museum.  We looked at ration cards, a wool WW1 coat and many other artifacts from the museum.  We hope this started a conversation leading up to Remembrance Day.

X-Country Running Oct 7th

It was a chilly morning but our team did well.  Thank you to Ms. Rawluk and Mrs. Kraus for coaching the team this year.  Isabelle placed 4th and Olivia placed 5th for the grade 7 girls, Wesley placed 8th for the grade 9 boys.  Go Vikings Go 

Jr. High X-Country Running

After a hard practice, our Junior High runners needed a rest.  Thank you to Ms. Kraus and Ms. Rawluk for coaching our runners this year!

Bannock Baking with the Grade 7/8 class

What a wonderful learning experience the Grade 7/8's had when they baked bannock together. The recipe came from Fort Edmonton Heritage Park and we discussed how a traditional recipe would have different ingredients that are available today. The students worked collaboratively to make the bannock dough and prep it for baking. They had a choice between whole wheat and white flour. The consensus was that whole wheat would likely be more authentic but the white flour tasted better.
This is a wonderful group of students!


Mrs. Sanche's Drums for Elementary Students

They sounded great and were learning about rhythms as well as patterns.  Music teaches us so much.  

Grade 1/2 Enjoying their Library time

It is great to see the students engaged in their books from the library.  Makes my day.

Volleyball Home VS Parkway Adventist Panthers

We won!!! GO VIKINGS GO!

Grade 1/2 Learning about Viruses

The Grade 1/2 class made viruses using hey clay.  They talked about how to keep us safe like washing hands, coughing into arms and staying at home when sick.

Grade 2/3 STEM Project

Grade 2/3 did a STEM challenge today.  Which group could build the tallest tower with marshmallows and toothpicks? I wonder who won. 

First Day of School 2021

The first day of school has begun. It was a little wet and chilly but it is going to be a great year at Spruce View School.

2021 - 2022 Planning Meeting

The staff all met to plan a fantastic school year for students today. It’s going to be a great year. See you September 1st.

Gr 8 Legion Poster and Literary Contest

Congratulations to all the winners

Intermediate Colour Poster

1st - Dani Martin - $75.00

2nd - Hailey Arthur - $60.00

3rd - Skye Roth - $45.00

Intermediate B & W Poster

3rd - Taytum Knight - $45.00

Intermediate Literary (Essay)

1st - Sierra Ebbesen - $75.00

2nd - Gracie Parsons - $60.00

Gr 1 Love you from Head to To -mato

The grade one class definitely has green thumbs.

They took their tomato plants home as gifts for Father's Day.


Cookies For All

The Spruce View & District Lions Club came to the school with boxes of cookies, each cookie individually wrapped from the local bakery.  The cookies were for all students and staff to celebrate the school year.  What a treat that was for all of us.  It was great to celebrate a hard year of in-person and online learning for many in the school.  We appreciate how our local Lions Club supports the school in so many ways throughout the year.

Elementary Spring Mural

Each elementary grade made something special for the mural.  The flowers, butterflies, and even some insects.  Beautiful job!  What can you find in the mural?

Kindergaten June 10/21 Celebration

It was our Kindergarten's final day of school.  Mrs. Henry ended the day with a great celebration that parents could join in virtually.  It ended with an ice cream party.  You scream, I scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!!!

Gr 12 "Found Poetry' Posters

Can't wait to see them.

Gr 6 June Book Reports

What a great display in the Learning Commons

Grade 3/4 building project

Grade 3/4 were challenged with building a jack in the box or a mechanical arm.  Sounds interesting

Gr 12's Checking out the Learning Commons disply

The grade 12 class came and viewed the items on display from the grades one museum and the grade four book reports.  Our students have excellent projects that they share with the Learning Commons.

Gr 1 Museum Presentation

We are so lucky to have the grade one presentation of items that are important to their families or just to them in the library. We love your display of items in the Learning Commons.  You haven't checked it out we invite all students to come have a look.

Gr 5 studying Owl Pellets

I wonder what they discovered

High School Music Program

There is talent here at Spruce View!

Fun in the Sun

The students had a great time out in the hot sun.  The elementary students had a picnic lunch.

Gr 9 Pow Wow Presentation

We want to thank Patrick for giving the grade nine's a very informative presentation on Pow Wow.  They loved the bead work that he brought to show them.

Gr 1 Reader of the Day

Gr 1 Learning with Indigenous Artifacts

Playschool 2020/2021

Playschool 2020/21 had a great year.  We hope to see you all for the 2021/22 school year!



Gr 3/4 Book Reports

The students were so proud of their reports.  Thank you for displaying them in the Learning Commons!


Grad 2022 Highway Cleanup



Chalk it Up

The middle wing drew inspirational messages in support of mental health.

Gr 6 May Book Reports

The Learning Commons was thrilled to display the grade six book reports.  What book are you going to read next?

First Nations Hunting and Camping Tools

Kindergarten to Grade 9 visited the Learning Commons to view the First Nations Hunting and Camping Tools from the Red Deer Museum.  Be sure to ask your child what the two mystery items were.  We want to thank the Red Deer Museum for this awesome display of artifacts.

Favorite Book Character

Everyone was asked to come to school dressed as their favourite book character.  Who is your favourite book character?

Gr 1 Juice Box Cars

The grades ones with the guidance of Mrs. Ellingson made cars from juice boxes and balloons.  I wonder if they had a race and who won.

Gr 1 Electronic Deconstruction

The grade ones looked at how older laptops were made.  Who knows maybe we have a future Technician in the making!

Gr 2/3 Our Boats Float

Mrs. Thompson and the Grade 2/3 class learned about buoyancy.  What floats and does not float.  We are happy to report that their boats did float.


Grade 2/3 Making Paddle Boats

The Grade 2/3 class had a great time discovering how to make a paddleboat.  Now the question is will they float?

Gr 2/3 Life Cycle Reports

The Grade 2/3 class learned the life cycle of some seeds, chickens and even some bugs.  They did a fabulous job on their life cycle reports and learned a lot.  Way to go!


Grade 6 Building Gliders

Have you ever wanted to ride a glider?  Our grade six constructed gliders with the help of Mrs. Abraham.  Did you know that gliders are designed for soaring and are sometimes called sailplanes.  Who knew - ask a grade sixer they can tell you all about them.

Indigenous Beading

Our Kindergarten to Grade Four classes were taught some indigenous beading by Patrick and Marissa.  We all had a wonderful afternoon learning about this craft.

Discovering the Metis

We thank the Red Deer Museum for such a fabulous and informative display for the Kindergarten to Grade Nine classes.  We saw a wonderful beaded with porcupine quills child vest from the Glenbow Museum who lent the fragile vest to the Red Deer Museum.  Did you know that the Metis have two flags that were first used in 1815.  They are older than the Canadian flag by 150 years.