Class of 2024 - They did it! Go Vikings Go!!!

Jr. High Outdoor Ed Camping Trip

Grade 7 water fight.

Penpal Camp

What a trip! What a camp!  Thank you Mrs. Abraham for organizing this fantastic trip. We signed each others t-shirts. What a keepsake! 

Night 2 at Penpal Camp

Movie night tonight at the Grade Six Penpal Camp. I wonder what they are watching. I hope its not scary Mr. Stefanek. #CESDSocialEmotionalWellbeing.

Career Connections

One of our work experience students read an interesting book to the Grade One class. They loved it.

Grade Five dissecting owl pellets

Grade 6 first night at Penpal Camp

Get 4 CAP

CAP program came to visit grade 4 and teach us about different things we can find on a farm and different by-products from cows! What a day!  #CESDAcademicExcellence

Kindergarten building birdhouses


We were all set to hit the course with our clubs ready, but unfortunately, a sudden hailstorm put a stop to our plans. It seems the weather had other ideas, and we had to cancel our 9 holes. Hopefully, one day we can enjoy a round of golf together. #SVSGoVikingsGo ⛳️

Trees and Forests Work Wild Presentation

Career Connection VTA Certificate

Tacky Tourists